You hear about them everywhere… the evening news, friends, colleagues and hopefully your own bank!  But what does a Home Loan Interest Rate actually amount to, taking into consideration; fees, charges and bank credit policy?

You may be familiar with the term Comparison Rate; this is the lenders actual interest rate, based on a loan amount of $ 150,000, over a 25 year term, repaid with Principal and Interest repayments.

Does that sound like you?  Likely, your current or proposed circumstances are vastly different and as such, it is important to consider where in the list of priorities you place Interest Rate.

At EV Financial, we prioritise having a cost effective Home and Investment Lending structure.

Other key components, based on your individual circumstances are:

  • Lender appetite for the proposed property/ loan structures
  • Lender Credit Policy and realistic expectations of supporting documents
  • Service Level Agreements and post settlement customer service

Eryk and Victoria work with you to prioritise what is important to you and achieve the most cost effective way in facilitating that.